how to find ip of ios device to host bot-net game

Find IP steps:

-Open up your iOS device

-Find and tap "settings"

-Find and tap "Wi-Fi"

-Find "(your WIFI network name)" in a the list of available

-Tap the blue ( ! ) next to your currently connected network

-Look under IPV4 Addresses

-Note the numbers to the right of "IP address" and write them down (ie: 192.168.1.x)

-Give your set of ip numbers to your friends that are sharing the Wi-Fi

-Open up BOT-NET

-Click "Multiplayer"

-The one who shared their ip should tap to "HOST" the map

-Everyone else should plug in the ip (ie: 192.168.1.x) and "JOIN" the host

-Wait until everyone is successfully in map

-Confirm spatial tracking is functional by looking at each other and moving around

-Hit "START" once everyone is ready!

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